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Award Winning Underwater & Wildlife Filmmakers

Professional Underwater & Wildlife
Multimedia Productions

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Welcome to the Africa Underwater. We are a multimedia company based out of Kenya specialised in making natural history productions with a focus on the underwater world. Although based out of Kenya we have done projects from the Galapgos Islands in Ecuador all the way to Thailand in South East Asia. We offer a range of services from Underwater and Wildlife Videography & Photography services, Music Production and Score Composition through to full Film and Documentary Production.

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As filmmakers we know what it takes to get a production off the road. Africa Underwater is a registered Filming Agent with the Kenya Film Commission and can sort out all filming permits including those form the Kenya Wildlife Service to film in National Parks. With our experience along the Kenyan coast we are well equipped to scout locations and organise filming logistics.

What We Do


We have grown up in the ocean, it is our second home and we have spent years honing our skills to be able to capture unique, captivating footage while also respecting the environment and animals we interact with. We have filmed while free diving, scuba diving, topside on boats and everything in-between for various clients including the BBC NHU and we have had our productions supported by the National Geographic Society amongst others.

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From editing short form to feature length documentaries, educational films and supporting materials to social media content and campaigns; We are well equipped to deliver award winning and impactful content for a variety of clients. We can also narrate, produce original film scores and sound effects to bring that extra impact to your productions.



Across the globe there are passionate and charismatic young filmmakers battling to protect the planet. This empowering new six-part series for CBBC follows them as they discover more about the threats faced by endangered animals and wildlife and what can be done to conserve and protect them.

Made by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, each film is self-authored and features a specific animal story or wildlife issue that the young filmmakers want to share with the world. Addressing serious issues in an engaging and digestible way, Planet Defenders embraces the individuality and personality of each filmmaker as they take young viewers along with them on their personal and inspiring journeys.

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Jahawi is a wildlife filmmaker, a National Geographic Society Explorer, photographer and music producer from Kenya. Growing up on the Kenyan coast, he was inspired to make films about the natural world, particularly marine conservation. He went on to train as a wildlife cameraman, specialising in underwater filming, so he could tell stories about the unseen world of our oceans. He is also a champion free-diver.

 Defenders embraces the individuality and personality of each filmmaker as they take young viewers along with them on their personal and inspiring journeys.

In Planet Defenders, Jahawi takes the audience on a journey to meet the Kinyika dolphins and reveals more about how he is working to protect them. Working with the Kenyan Marine Mammal Network, Jahawi is hoping to get the area protected as a marine reserve before it is too late.

Jahawi Bertolli
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Founder, Director & DOP

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Elke Bertolli
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Creative Director & Impact Producer

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