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 We are an Award Winning, Professional African Underwater & Wildlife Multimedia Production company based out of Kenya specialised in making natural history productions with a focus on the underwater world and the cultures that depend on it. Since our inception in 2013 we have made films across the continent as well as projects from the Galapgos Islands in Ecuador all the way to Thailand in South East Asia. We offer a range of services from Underwater and Wildlife Videography & Photography services, Presenting, Music Production and Score Composition through to full Film and Documentary Production.


The Team
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Intro to jah and i

Jahawi Bertolli
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Founder, Director & DOP
Elke Bertolli
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Creative Director & Impact Producer

Meet the Team

Our Story

Award Winning Film Producers, Presenters, Directors, Photographers, Environmentalists, Conservationists, a Public Speaker, a Composer, an Author and Educators; Jahawi and Elke Bertolli are the pioneers behind Africa Underwater. 

Both Jahawi and Elke have grown up on the Kenyan coast, spending much of their lives in or on the water. They have seen first hand the changes that have occurred, changes that are noticed by some on the surface but rarely witnessed under the water. In 2013 when Jahawi returned to Kenya after 2 years filming underwater in Thailand he realised that there was no one was telling the stories of the ocean and how it was changing; this is how Africa Underwater was born. The couple produce, direct, research, craft and edit their films and through their films they want to bring the beauty of the underwater world and the threats it's facing to the communities that live along the coast.


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