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Recent Short Film : Bahari Yetu (Our Ocean)

Our Ocean is changing, along East Africa there is no-one who has witnessed this more than the Swahili people. Their culture is born of the ocean, it is interlinked with their heritage and many still travel and live off the ocean using methods handed down from their ancestors. This short film, told from one voice, is a fusion of ocean encounters of respected fishermen from the Lamu Archipelago, sharing their experiences of over half a century sailing these waters, as well as stories from their fathers and grandfathers who taught them their trade. Through their life they have seen drastic changes and they all voiced the same concerns and causes of these changes in the ocean.

With this award winning short film we want to share the beauty and fragility of this part of the Indian Ocean, told from the people who know it best, addressed to the future generations. Delve into an ancient and wise culture and encounter some of the charismatic marine animals that visit these waters or call this part of the ocean home and learn about the issues our ocean is facing and why we need to save it.

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